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Thai Fortune God Er Ger Feng

Given name “zheng Yi Fong” aka “Li Yu” and with nick name “Er Ger Fong”.During the democratic revolution he gave a helping hand to “Xun Zhong San” and finally they became sworn brothers. With his bravery and intelligence they name him “Zhi Yong” .In mandarin ”Zhi” means intelligence and “Yong” means brave.

During dynasty Qing, Zhi Yong migrated to Thailand when he was only 14 years old. He starting his life in Thailand exploring around by working as a porter and doing some business. When he was 16 years old , he participated in the army deserter troop. This organization is called “Tian Di Hui” clan which is leading by the leader “Ling Mang” while Zhi Yong was only the chief assistant.
After the chief passed away ,Zhi Yong took over his place as the new chief but the members were too use to calling him “Er Ger Fong” hence this nick name still follow him for years.

During the initial stage, the Thailand king was facing financial difficulty, the king suggest to develop a gambling business and impose tax from the revenue that come from gambling business, The project was tender by a man with the surname “Hu” from teow chu district.However he was unable to perform the task well and suffering failure in this business.Afterward”Er Ger Fong” accept the contract and ran the gambling business for the whole district.
He created a “hua hui” which is a kind of gambling.

In the game they used Chinese chess as their gambling paraphernalia by using black and red “jiang”, “shi”, “xiang”, “che”, “ma” and “pao” total 12 chess chips, the gambler can only place their bet on 11 chess chipand left 1 empty chess chip.

This gambling business consisted of a strong organization which include a treasurer, supervisor, bouncer, servant etc.
With the daily high income in term of tax contribution, it gave the Thai king the financial gain.

Er Ger Fong became famous and his capital and his financial got stronger as well. With the benefits of his strong capital, he invested in commercial trade and created an organization call “Zheng Qian He Hao” .
The trading activities includes marine trading which he owned up to 8 vessel and manage to ship around south east asia, other activities including rice processing industry, bank, pawn broker, press holding, printing industry etc.
The business even expanding to south asia country i.e. Japan, Hong Kong, and China mainland, Shanghai, Qingdao, Xiamen, Shan Tou etc
As he had been able to boost up the Thailand’s ecomomy, the Thai king declared a special status for “Zheng” familiy. In addition the Thai king also stated a road name “ Zheng Cai Gui Ni “indicated that the road was sponsor by Er Ger Fong.

Years after years, there was a severe natural disaster in the country , Er Ger fong donated lots of millions to assist in the disaster.In 1903, Xun Zhong San was moving to Thailand, again Zheng was giving him a helping hand and he joint the same society.

To thank him, “Xun Zhong San” gave him a calligraphy with two words “be love” as a gift to Zheng. After wining in the revolution, “Xun Zhong San” became a president, during the ceremony, “Zheng summon his fifth son to present some gifts, it including fifty thousand gold and some handicraft made by ivory .
They also gave 10 million baht to Guang dong province government..

1911, Er ger Fong built a huge resident in his hometown “Qi Quan” village. It was so grand and spacious filled with mixture of eastern and western style.
This resident were occupied with all the facilities, with 300 rooms, school, temple, learning room, hall, field, stadium, entertainment centrre etc.

His school was given a name “ Zhi Yong school” and they conducting a free teaching for the first intake, there were 3 classes and 180 students were benefited on this. He also built and repair the road from his resident to teow chu town and fu yang cao san railway station.

Early of 1981, an earthquake occurred in teow chu and caused “han jiang” bridge to collapsed. Once again , with his generous, he donated thirty eight thousand liang for repairing job. He not only helping in financial support but alos used one of his vessel which is usually routine from Shan Tou to Bangkok to supplies a lot of material to repair the bridge.

The next year in the month of eight, some monuments was built to memorise him for his great contribution to the society.

1937, lunar calendar 7th of third month he was already 87 years old. He passed away peacefully. The government summon “Zheng Kai” and “HU Han Ming” to Thai to show condolence.

He set his will to pass all his properties to the Thai government including his own personal doctor in Bangkok.

Miracles of Er Ger Fong

 In regards to Er Ger Fong, he was born in China. He was a Chinese Millionaire. He came to Thailand in the reign of King Rama III.

He was the first person who originated gambling in Thailand. He often helped the poor people. Er Ger fong's joss-house is very popular among Thai gamblers.

Every day, many people go to his joss-house and pray to get lucky in gambling or lotto.

Regarding to Er Ger Fong story, when he die, people built joss-house for him in the Pub-Pla-Chai road.

One day, the government needs to build police station in that area and demolish Er Ger fong joss-house in the police station. Strangely enough, after that 3 policemen were dead by car accident, shot gun and heart failure in the period of one month.

After this bad situation happen, the government decide to rebuild Er Ger Fong joss-house. Now Er Ger fong joss-house nowadays place on the top of this police station’s main building.
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