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Extreme Wealth Bringing Fortune Accumulating Unexpected Fortune Luck Bringing Attraction Improving Chu Chok Amulet !!! 超级招财开运累计财富横财就手提升魅力祖智

Legends Of Chu Chok:
Chuchok’s story comes from Wesandorn Jatarka, the last life of great worthiness or so-called Poramat Barami (the ultimate worthiness) of the Buddha. At that time, he was born as Prince Wesandorn. It was a preparation for his enlightenment in the future. Wesandorn is one of the stories of the former incarnations of the Lord Buddha. There are 13 chapters. It is believed that listening to all 13 chapters in one day brings about great merit.

Chuchok’s story is mentioned in chapter 5 onwards. Those who make a donation for the sermon of Chuchok’s story will be born in a high-class family, own many assets and have rhetoric. They will have a handsome husband and a beautiful wife. Also their children will be cute and obedient.

According to the sermon, Chuchok was a Brahmin living in Kalingkarat Province. He went about begging donations and was able to collect a small fortune. He was very stingy and knew how to save and gradually saved his money until he had 100 Kasap. At that time, he was considered as a rich man. He took all money to entrust to a friend who was also a Brahmin, and departed once again to travel the country begging.
As for his friend who was looking after the money, he grew poorer, so he took Chuchok’s money which he had entrusted to him, and spent it all. When Chuchok remembered, he returned to claim his money. The Brahmin couple did not have any money to repay him so they offered their daughter, Amittada, to be Chuchok’s wife. Amittada was a young beautiful girl. She told Chuchok that “My life belongs to you. From now on, you can keep me as a maid at home or as a wife. I can sleep at your feet and do everything for you.” It is said that Chuchok had a very beautiful wife, in that life, because he had offered a cloth with a bunch of lotus flowers to the Lord Buddha in a previous life.

Whereas Amittada had offered a blooming lotus that she had smelt with her own nose before giving to to the Lord Buddha. As a consequence she had an old husband, Chuchok. Chuchok was a very old and ugly man. When he took Amittada to his village named Tunawit, Amittada cared for Chuchok her husband in the proper manner. Many Brahmin men in that district became dissatisfied with their own wives because their behaviour did not match that of Amittada. All the Brahmin women were cursed because of Amittada.

As a result the women went to curse her in return. When Amittada had gone down to the waters edge she was cursed and repelled. The Brahmin women cursed and mocked her, saying that her husband was ugly. She felt ashamed and heartbroken, and returned home. She told her husband Chuchok the events of that day and said that from now on she was not going to work; Chuchok said he would have to do the work himself, but Amittada would not accept that because her family had never used a husband as a slave. Finally, she asked Chuchok to find a slave for her otherwise she would not live with him.

Made Blessed Empowered By Ajahn Rit 
Additional Blessing By LuangPhors

Everyone Please Do Some Charity,Temple Donations, Or Help The Needy After Windfalls Or Receiving Blessings 请中奖后做点善事比如捐庙或慈善

非常适合做销售 ,推销 ,娱乐夜间场所,房屋经济 ,生意人,寻找商机,工作上升值加薪,寻找好工作.帮助提升他们谈成生意的机会和吸引住客人顾客也能招来横财赌钱运

Details:This is believed to be good for:

招财开运 :Brings you great luck
意外之财:Unexpected Fortune Luck
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Attracts Opportunities/More Sales
添福聚财/累计财富:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Great Fortune/Wealth
投资方面成功(股票,期货,等):Success In Investments (Shares,Forex,Etc)
减轻负债:Reduce Debt
累积财富:Accumulate Fortune
工作上升职加薪: Climb Up The Corporate ladder 
让人对您有好感 :Give Good Impression To Others 
助寻找适合工作: Help Find A Suitable Job
事业顺利:Smooth Sailing In Career / Business
提升人缘:Improve Metta(Interpersonal Relationship)
得到众人尊重:Gain Respect and Authority
让人信任你: Gain Trust From Others
让下属服从: Let Subordinates Listen To You 
提升第六感:Improve Six sense
解决难题:Solve Problems
远离困境:Avoid Hardship

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