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10 Ways The Lay Person Can Gain Merit 10 种方法平常人累计福报的方法

Giving alms (Dāna) 
Observing virtue (Śīla) 
Developing concentration (Bhāvana) 
Honouring others (Apacāyana-maya) 
Offering service (Veyyāvace-maya) 
Dedicating (or transferring) merit to others (Pattidāna-maya) 
Rejoicing in other's merit. (Pattāna-modanā-maya) 
Listening to Teachings (Dhammassavana-maya) 
Instructing others in the Teachings (Dhammadesanā-maya) 
Straightening one's own views in accord with the Teachings (Ditthujukamma)