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Yant Ha Taew Tarkut Of Great Luck Success Positive Aura Good Metta Interpersonal Relationship Charisma Protection

The origins of the Yant Ha Taew Is Magical Power Invoked From The Four Elements, Fire, Water, Air and Earth. ( NA MA PA TA )

1.First row Prevents Unjust Punishment and Leans in your Favour when the area is Grey, Clears Out Unwanted Spirits and Protects the Space you live in. 

2. Second row Reverses  And Protects Against Bad Horoscope , Zodiac Constellations(Stars) And Bad Luck. Brings You Great Luck . Prevents Bad Aura From Accumulating Within You .

3.Third row Protects You From Evil , Dangers  , Black Magic & Harm 

4.Fourth row Energise & Strengthen Your Good Luck Auras , Brings Success and Great Fortune In Your Future Financial & Lifestyle Goals . Brings & Attracts Great Wealth & Fortune , Attracts Good Opportunities , Blessing You With A Successful Career/ Business .
Clear Obstacles Making Your Life Smooth & Trouble Free .

5, Fifth row Is To Gain Great Charisma From Everyone . Making You Liked Trusted Loved By People . People Would Treat You With Kindness . This Row Also Empowers Other Rows Further .


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