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ตะกรุดนะโมออแอ Tarkut NaMoOhAe For Kids Intelligence Protection Listen To Parents Be Like By Others

Made Blessed Empowered By Ajahn Yaisu

Made Specially By Ajahn For Kids The Following Purpose :

努力读书:Diligence In Studies
开发智慧:Bless Intelligence 
远离灾难:Avoid Disasters 
保护小孩远离危险:Avoid Dangers 
带来正能量:Positive Aura 
远离恶灵邪恶:Avoid Evil Spirits 
听家长的话:Listen To Parents 
惹人喜爱:Liked By Others 
身体健康:Blessing Of Good Health
佛光庇佑:Blessing By Buddha 

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