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Singha Mystical Holy Creature Authority Respect Smooth Sailing Business Career Wealth Fetching 星哈神兽 带来威严事业生意顺利一帆风顺招福纳财 避开噩运危险

Manage To Find More Of Early Batch Singha Lp Zow

Mystical Holy Creature from Thai & Hindu Religion. Powerful Strong Positive Energy 
Placing this in the workplace prevents backstabbers prevent troublemakers. Brings
positive Energy to you which brings good business opportunities Placing in the home protects negativities or evil from entering home 
increase homely feel Help everyone in the family have good relationship in the family.


Made Bless Empowered by Luang Phor Zow
Nakhon Sawon 

Details:This is believed to be good for:

招财开运 :Brings you great luck
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Sales/Attracts Opportunities
添福聚财:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Fortune/Wealth
事业顺利/事业增增日上:Smooth Career / Climb Up The Corporate Ladder
找寻到适合的好工作:Find A Suitable Good Job
事业顺利:Smooth Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta
让人信任:Trusted By Others
提升魅力:Increase Attractiveness
得到众人尊重:Respect and Authority
帮你留住财:Help Maintain Fortune with You
吃走小人:Get Rid Of Trouble Makers 
提升勇气:Increase Braveness
让你成为众人焦点:Makes Your A More Popular Person
恶运扭转好运:Change Luck From Bad To Good 
让你不被他人欺负:Prevents You From Getting Bullied By Others

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