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Praying At The Erawan Shrine Phra Phrom (Four Face Buddha)


Follow this step by step guide to make sure you are praying correctly at Phra Phrom Erawan shrine.

  1. Buy your flowers, joss sticks & candles. 
  2. Start from the first & front face of Phra Phrom which is facing to the entrance of the Shrine.
  3. Pray sincerity in clockwise direction.
  4. Put 1 candle & 1 bunch of flowers & 3 joss sticks at each of face Phra Phrom.
  5. Make a wish.
  6. Finish your visit by washing your face/hands/legs from the golden urn just beside.

Each face of the Phra Phrom signifies different meaning.
  • Front face: Career
  • Left face: Romance
  • Back face: Money
  • Right face: Health
If your prayers are answered and your wish come true, you should come back to Erawan Shrine to sort of appreciation back to Phra Phrom. You can buy coconuts, wooden elephants, etc and place them on the altar table in front of Phra Phrom or hire dancers in the Shrine to dance for you showing thanks & appreciation