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What is Thai Black Magic?

Love Spells – Thai Amulets Charm Cultures
Magic of insanity:Make someone go mad do things out of logic
photo downloaded from the internet just for illustration use.
Love Spells:Not neccesarry bad,Help Reunite Families,Couples or Make someone fall in love with you.
Curse spells:Cause harm to others.in terms of bodily harm ,mental harm
Stealing spells:  Taking wealth luck from others bringing misfortune in terms of money
Chaotic spells:  Destroying homes. Disturbing the peace .Destroying the targets home and family.
Breakup spells:  Separate husband and wife/lover

Needle spells:Put needles into target causing bodily pain and great discomfort
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Nan Man Plai Jewel Eyed Kumantong of Great Wealth

Made By :Ajahn Meng

Nam Man Plai Oil Added to improve spiritual power of kumantong
Details:This is believed to be good for
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
带来生意:Improve your business
招来正偏财:Bring your career luck and luck in game of chance (casino,4d,toto)
许愿做事:Making wishing
Proper Method Of Use & Katha Would be Taught


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Wealth Attraction & Charisma(Renyuan Oil)

This Oil is Made by Master Ajahn Chang with a mixture of various flowers and herb oils.
This Oil is great for those in the sales line.This oil would also be good for those who work in nightlife line.This would greatly increase charisma ,attraction and sex appeal.Gold Leaf is also added to improve the overall wealth luck of user when applied.
Method of use would be taught to user
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Not sure which amulet would be most suitable?
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