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High Spiritual power Rare Kumantong Bucha by Ajahn NianAir Only 1

Ajahn NianAir
Famous Ajahn who burn baby fetus on thai national tv
He is very famous for making spirit amulets with very high spiritual power with traditional method.
His Amulets are very highly sought after.
Only have 1 more on hand.
Made Years Back Collector's Items

Name: Kumantong

Reccomanded to those who are experiencing problems and hardship in their life.

Details:This  Kumanatong Bucha is believed to be good for
Worshippers who are Experiencing Major Problems in their lives
Or want to make their lives better.Very high power bucha..
Can be use to help with any problem.

Said to be able to influence others thinking
Proper Method Of Use & Katha Would be Taught

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