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Lek Lai Jet See Great Luck ,Prosperity ,Wealth Luck,Business Luck 泰国七色能量石 提升运气,招财,生意兴隆,贵人扶持

This kind of Lek Lai is called Lek Lai Jet See, meaning 'seven colored Lek Lai'. It is said to have a Deva inhabiting it.
Its has properties and miraculous powers. They are believed to protect wearers from dangers and bring good health  .Bring prosperity to wearers.Improving good luck of wearers and getting rid of their bad luck.They are also believe to be great in attracting wealth luck like a magnet to wards their wears.
These are natural stones.Colors will change once worn.Traditionally honey was applied on as food for them.But in these days spraying of mineral water would be good enough to maintain its power and making its color looks even more colorful and grow into full 7 colors
Details:This is believed to be good for  
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
带来生意:Improve your business
提升人缘:Improve Metta
带来富贵:Brings Prosperity to you
去除霉运:Get Rid of Bad Luck
保护远离危险/邪灵:Protect from Dangers and Evil Spirits

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