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Arahang Relics Somdej Improves You Luck Cleanses Your Aura 龙宫舍利 崇迪 提升你的运气 净化你的磁场

 Made from Arahang Relics Stones from Sam Loi Yok cave . More than 1000 years ago, Sam Loi Yok is the cave where by few hundreds Arahang monks came all the way from India & practiced inside this cave, made this cave extreamely high in energy.... .This cave already been listed as Thai National Treasure, & ordered by Thai Royal Authority to close the cave & ban people from entering & digging the Relics.
The Arahang Relics is extreamely strong in energy untill LP Khoon, LP Lersi Lindam & LP Jik had said its not neccessary to chant as the "Energy" is too at. Good for all purposes
解决难题克服障碍:Overcome Obstacles/Hardship
驱走霉运:Get Rid Of Bad Luck
招财开运 :Brings you great luck
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Attracts Oppurtunities
添福聚财:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Fortune/Wealth
事业顺利:Smooth Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta
提升净化磁场:Clean & Improve Personal Magnetic Aura

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