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LP Kalong Biography 龙普加龙

Luang Phor Kalong (Late) - Wat Khao Laem
Luang Phor Kalong is recognised as one of Thailand's true Guru Monks, practised in the arts of meditation, telepathy and magical incantations.The reverend, Kalong was born on a Saturday in the second lunar month of 1919 in Klong 7, Pathumthani Province. His mother was from Supanburi Province– she was Luang Phor Niam's younger sister, making Luang Phor Kalong the nephew of Luang Phor Niam of Wat Noi Temple, who incidentally was a senior master of Supanburi Province. It was told that before his birth, Bang, an old man living opposite was fishing in the night saw a Reusi/Lersi holding a young child's hand that walked into the house. Bang was absolutely stunned! He raised his hands and joined his palm in gesture of respect and paid respect with full conviction. He then focussed his mind to make a vow,” If what I saw is real may the child born in this house definitely be a boy. If it is so I will quit my occupation and cease hauling fish forever." Thereafter not long, LP's mother gave birth to LP and named him,"Galong" – which means “flying crow”. As for Bang, he kept his vow and also kept silence about this matter. Ever since then Bang constantly kept an eye on little Galong discreetly.

Luang Phor Kalong had an extra tooth in the centre of his upper palate since birth. This tooth has its similarity to Hanuman from the Ramayana epic, which has a mystical crystal fang. LP Kalong was hence perceived by nature, a miraculous monk. It is also why he is also known as Khiew Geow, which means “crystal tooth”.

LP Kalong commented on his amulets:"The object which I consecrated with my concentrated mind will therefore have the value that will exceed gold. It will eventually be more difficult to come across than jewel." Because of this comment, LP Kalong’s amulets were popular amongst the many followers.When the Reverend Father Kalong grew older, he became very interested in studying magical incantations. Luang Phor Kalong is recognised as one of Thailand's true Guru Monks, practised in the arts of meditation, telepathy and magical incantations. Luang Phor Kalong was the best disciple and a confidant of the Lord Wisuthacharn or the Lord Pae, (passed away in 2001) who was the direct disciple of the Patriarch Pae. The Reverend Pae had said that he studied meditation and perceived many things from many masters while meditating, for example, the hermit Poochaosamingprai (the one who led him down to earth), Maha Brahma Chinapanchara, and other masters who have passed away.When LP study spell and charm of the Veda lineage with LP Niem and LP Seung at Wat Naboon until he completed the study. The two teachers then wrote a letter to entrust LP with another monk called LP Kukan. LP Kukan was 120 years old a Cambodia Guru Master at Sisaket. He was actually the teacher of both LP Niem and LP Seung. LP narrated that the very first night staying with LP Kukan. A monk there was trying to test him. This monk was a local spirit doctor and also an expert in spell and charm. At midnight,LP was bewitched by that monk. He casted spell on a piece of wood, turning it into thousand centipedes to harm LP. LP Kalong composed himself and used the tagrud he made personally tying it around his body. Together with the spell and charm LP study from many teachers. It happened that not even a single centipede was able to harm LP. At this this moment there was enough time for LP to cast a spell to catch the centipede making it to return and transformed back to wood as usual. LP knew who the monk who tested him was.Next morning, the monk who tested LP doesn’t dare to come forward to face LP because he feels ashamed. LP study spell and charm with LP Kukan for a long time until LP Kukan finally handed down the occult book of heritage to LP Kalong. The content was about Kong Grapan - casting spell on thing and releasing thing. Presently, this book was well-preserved by LP. The legend of Tiger head Lersi was related by LP Kalong a long time ago. LP said that when he was young he liked to go into the jungle and mountain in order to practice meditation in seclusion. This was for the benefit and welfare of Buddhism.
One day, LP went to spend his rain retreat at Wat Dao Dueng in Singburi province. At that time, the temple was badly dilapidated. During the first night of stay there, a strange incident happened. There was a strong wind blowing and ghostly screams were heard. On the second night, there was a strong rotting smell and also a mass of big black ants. There were about 10,000 of ants crawling around the resting area of LP. On the third night, there were sounds of a giant as huge as a tree walking around. With regards to the various incidents that happened, LP dealt with them with his Discipline, Concentration and Wisdom. Skillful in Wicha LP surmounted the obstacles smoothly, until there was a shadow which appeared in the place where LP was sitting and chanting. When LP opened his eyes, he saw an old man with a fierce looking face, who was over a hundred years old. The face gradually changed into the face of a ferocious tiger. Tiger head Lersi asked LP, "Venerable Sir, who are you and where did you come from?" LP answered, "I am Kalong, and I came for seclusion so as to practice meditation according to the teachings of the Buddha." Tiger head Lersi then told LP the truth, "The incidents that happened the last few nights arose mostly from my power. I thought that you were trying to challenge me." The Tiger head Lersi continued, "In my previous life, I was ordained at the time of the 2nd King of Ayuttaya, about 500 yrs ago. My name was LP Krut and we ever practiced together." "In my previous life, I practiced the occult art of Seua Saming until I was very skillful. My body transformed from a monk into a Tiger-head Lersi because of Seua Saming's spell. This remained so until I passed away." "After death, I became Lersi Poo Seua and continued to practice until today." In order to prove that he was speaking the truth, Poo Seua brought LP to a secret treasure chest hidden under a large rubber tree. There were two 9" golden Buddha images inside. It was the proof that in their previous lives, LP Kalong and LP Krut made them together as an offering to the propagation of Buddhism.
Thereafter,in BE2505(1962) LP shifted to stay in Lopburi temple at Ampher Patthana Nikom. LP developed the temple by building ordination hall until it was finally completed in BE2515(1972). LP then shifted to stay in Wat Khao Laem and intended to build the 9 ordination halls. When LP Kalong is 90 years old in BE2551(2008)with 70 years of rain retreat. There are also many masters who have co-operated with Luang Phor Kalong – some are still living, whilst other have now passed away. An interesting story is that of Luang Phor Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee with whom he meditated with on many occasions. They originally met at Wat Indrawiharn, Bangkhunbrom. Luang Phor Toh had pointed at Luang Phor Kalong while asking Luang Phor Chaem of Nuannoradit Temple who this monk was, and from where he came. He had said that he had never met a monk with such strong powers of telepathy.