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Treung Jae Fascinating Love Yinkut Tarkut Salvage Relationship Get Rid Of 3rd Party Sex Appeal Attraction Improve Relationship Lessen Quarrels 超级吸引力姻古符管挽回感情驱走第三者提升魅力吸引力感情升华减少吵架

Made Blessed Empowered By Ajahn Yaisu

Please Do Not Use This Amulet To Break Up Others Marriage Or Toy With Others Feeling !!!
请不要用此牌破坏他人家庭或玩弄他人感情 !!!

Details:This is believed to be good for:

提升自信:Boost Self Confidence/Self Esteem
让感情再次有活力激情:Brings Back Spark Into Relationship
提升人缘:Improve Metta(Renyuan)
让人对您有好感 :Give Good Impression To Others 
让人更信任您:Let Others Trust You 
帮助结交好友: Get To Know More Friends 
帮助你结识喜欢的对象:Help You Know That Someone Special
减少吵架: Lessen Quarrels
让人更加听话:Sweet Talking (People Tend To Listen To You)

吸引同异性:Attract same /Opposite Gender 

让心爱的人心动:Enchanting Of The Heart 
爱情和合:Mending Of A Broken Relationship
庇佑爱人更忠诚:Bless A Loyal & Faithful Relationship
催眠性魅力: Hypnotic Attraction
让感情更和睦:Solving Disharmony In Relationship
招来爱情:Attracts Love to you
维持很好的感情关系:Maintain a Great relationship 
挽回破碎感情:Salvage Broken Relationship 
驱走第三者:Get Rid Of Third Party 
让伴侣比较听话:Spouse Listen to you more
被别人关注到: Get Noticed By Others
成为众人焦点 : Be The Star Of The Party

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