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Legendary Kruba Chaiyawong Phaya Tao (Tortoise) Wealth Fortune Prosperity Longevity

Rare & Special Phaya Tao (Tortoise) By Kruba Chaiyawong 
Wat Phra Puttabart Huay Tom Be2530.
In Orginal Temple Casing

This Is A Signature Piece From Kruba 

Kruba ChaiyaWong Is One Of The Top Disciple The Great Kruba Sivichai Of Wat Doi Suthep .
He Is Also The Master Of Famous Kruba Boon YangWat Huay Nam Won.
His Body Reach Arahung Stage After He Passed Away Which Means His Body Is Not Decomposed & Seems To Be Alive With His Hair & Nail Growing Till Today .

This PhayaTao Amulet Is Made In Traditional Lanna Methods
Using The Cloth Used To Cover The Deceased During Merit Gaining Ceremony & Also His Hair. 
Kruba Would Than Wrap His Hair Into The Cloth Into The Shape Of The Tao(Tortoise)

The Tortoise Is Always A Symbol Of Wealth, Fortune, Good Luck And Prosperity In Every Culture.
It Represents Progress As The Tortoise Always Walks Forward And Never SideWays Or Backwards.

Details:This is believed to be good for:

招财开运 :Brings you great luck
意外之财:Unexpected Fortune Luck
招揽生意/带来生意/商机:Improve your business/Attracts Opportunities/More Sales
添福聚财/累计财富:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Great Fortune/Wealth
投资方面成功(股票,期货,等):Success In Investments (Shares,Forex,Etc)
减轻负载:Lessen Debt 
累积财富:Accumulate Fortune
为您招来顾客:Brings Customers To You 
工作上升职加薪: Climb Up The Corporate ladder 
助寻找适合工作: Help Find A Suitable Job
事业顺利:Smooth Sailing In Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta(Interpersonal Relationship)
提升第六感:Improve Six sense
带来经济上的成功:Financial Success
把恶运变成好运 :Change Of Bad Luck To Good 
远离困境:Avoid Hardship
暂停争吵问题:Stop Quarrels/Problems
长寿:Signify Longevity

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