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Ajahn Chum Chai Kiri Phra Khun Pean BE 2511

Ajahn Chum Chai Kiri Phra Khun Pean BE 2511
Wat Khao Thalom, Chumpon

Initially made and chanted by 108 Ajahn, Somparn Normmo spirit and Ajahn Thong spirit (Through Medians) at Wat Bahn Suan On 12 March year B.E.2510 and then mass chanting ceremony at Wat Tham Kho Nguen on 8 Febuary year B.E.2511

This batch of Phra Khun Paen that Ajahn Chum made is for purpose to help Wat Khao Thalom, Chumporn province to gathering fund, same ceremony as Phra Roobmuen Ajahn Thong Khao Or and Pidta Normmo, made with Holy Sacred Wahn Herbs 108 collected from all over country and sacred powder made from yants of Khao Orr Book 108 duangs.

"Darp Fah Fuen" (Khunpaen Swords) with Yants on back, some of Khunpaen from this batch will have a hole on back, or attached Leklhai as Phra Kanaen.

Second Khao Orr chanting ceremony on 8 Febuary year B.E.2511 at Wat Tham Khao Nguen, Chumporn, by Khun Pun, Ajahn Chum and LP.Daeng of Wat Tham Khao Nguen as main Creators.

After ceremonies, this batch of Khunpaens were gave to LP Daeng Wat KhaoThalom

This event has gathered Best of Southern Monks, the Khao-Orr's method ceremony, Phra Ajahn Num Wat Donsala, LP.Khong Wat Bahnsuan, Phra Ajahn Pal Wat Khao Orr, LP.Mun Wat Khao Daeng, Phra Palad Puang Wat Prasartnikorn, LP Kloi Wat Thamkhaonguen, Ajahn Chum Chai Khiri and Khunpundarak Rajadej.

Details:This is believed to be good for:

给善信带来八方财气:Bestowing Wealth From All 8 Directions
招财开运 : Brings you great luck
意外之财:Unexpected Fortune Luck
让善信生意兴隆 / 提升销售额 / 招来商机 :Improve your business/Attracts Opportunities/More Sales
添福聚财/累计财富:Increase Prosperity/Accumulate Great Fortune/Wealth
保佑善信在投资方面得到成功获利(股票,期货,等):Success In Investments (Shares,Forex,Etc)
保佑善信减轻所负债务:Lessen Debt Owed
多进少出累积财运聚财:Accumulate Fortune
吸引顾客上门:Brings Customers To You 
事业蒸蒸日上升职加薪: Climb Up The Corporate ladder 
让人见你有好感好的印象:Give Good Impression To Others 
保佑你找到适合的好工作: Help Find A Suitable Job
事业顺利:Smooth Sailing In Career
提升人缘:Improve Metta(Interpersonal Relationship)
让你不受别人欺负 : Never Get Bullied By Others
受人尊重有威严 : Great Respect & Authority 
让别人信任你相信你: Gain Trust From Others
驱走霉运不良磁场:Get rid of bad energies & Bad Luck
正能量:Positive Aura 
提升你的第六感应:Improve Six sense
带来经济上的成功:Financial Success
把恶运变成好运 :Change Of Bad Luck To Good 
解决财务难题:Solve Financial Problems
远离困境困苦:Avoid Hardship
保护远离危险灾难/Protects Against Dangers & Harm

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